Total Control: Apps to Track and Monitor Your Loved Ones

In the current digital era, the safety and well-being of families and children are of paramount importance, making it necessary to consider the use of tracking and location applications. Daily, the news reminds us of the sad reality of missing persons around the world, underscoring the urgency of taking measures to protect our loved ones. In this context, it is essential to pay attention to the interactions of our children and relatives on social networks, as this can have a significant impact on their security.

Therefore, in addition to considering the adoption of tracking applications for children or older individuals, it is crucial to pay attention to the people they interact with online. Family location apps not only allow us to know the location of our children, family members, or spouses, but also to monitor their online activities and receive alerts in case of inappropriate behavior or potential dangers. These apps also offer the possibility of establishing safe zones and monitoring the images shared online and on instant messaging apps, contributing to the protection of the family in the digital world. Below, we will recommend the best GPS tracking and instant messaging supervision applications to help you stay informed about your children's conversations on their mobile devices.

Our first recommendation is the FamiSafe app, a reliable parental control tool developed by This application offers a wide range of functions and features designed to help you effectively monitor your family. With FamiSafe, you can silently track the location of your loved ones if their phones have GPS, allowing you to keep an eye on them without interrupting their daily activities. Moreover, you can also monitor what your loved ones share on their social networking apps.


  • Location tracking
  • App blocking
  • Instant messaging app supervision
  • Web filtering
  • Screen time control
  • Flexible remote control & customization of settings, and more.

AirDroid Parental Control is the most comprehensive parental control app for families and couples, compatible with Android and iOS. It enables parents to manage and monitor their children's Android mobile devices remotely. It offers incredible monitoring features such as screen time limits, blocking games and apps, location tracking, tracking of suspicious calls, and more.


  • Know where your children and other loved ones are at all times.
  • Monitor the real-time location of your children and loved ones.
  • Check previous locations through the location history.
  • Manage the phone user's movement by setting up secure geofences.

There are more advanced apps, such as XNSPY, which provide more extensive functionality, primarily giving you full control over a mobile phone. However, the feature that might interest us the most about this app is the ability to view the GPS location of your children or family members and stay vigilant about their interactions on social networks, remaining alert to any potential dangers that may lurk on these platforms.

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